What are the different positions for breastfeeding?

There are a number of different positions you can use to feed your baby, however the three favourites are cradle hold, football hold, and lying down.

Cradle: The cradle position is rather self-explanatory. Your baby lies in the crook of your arm, which you use to move her around to get close to your breast. Sit up with plenty of support for your back. I also put a pillow on my lap to help lessen the strain on the arm that I was using to cradle the baby. A pillow also helps when you are switching sides, as it provides a soft place for baby to take a short time-out between breasts.

Football: I think this position offers more control when trying to get baby to latch on properly, largely because you can better guide his head. To begin, you'll need at least two pillows. Place one pillow on your lap and the other pillow to the side of you. Put the baby on your lap with his legs pointing toward your back, keeping your hand under his head and back for support. Make sure his mouth is level with your nipple before you begin. This is a great position for nursing twins because you can feed two simultaneously. It's also good after caesarean delivery since it keeps pressure off your abdomen.

Lying Down: This position was invented for tired mums! Begin by lying next to baby on the side you want to nurse on. Turn baby to face you, making sure his mouth is level with your nipple while you support his head and back with your free arm. This is a great nursing position for women recovering from a caesarean birth too.