Tracking Your Order

If your order has not arrived as expected, please read this page for information on how to locate your parcel.

Check the Following First

1. Has your order been shipped / dispatched yet?
On the date of dispatch we send you an order update email which states that your parcel has been shipped and includes tracking number and the delivery carrier name. If you can't locate this email, please check your Order Status (click on the link at the top of the website and sign into your account). If it has been shipped, the status will be Shipped or Completed, with the date of shipment shown. If your order has not yet been shipped, the status will be one of the following:

  • Awaiting Fulfillment: Your order has been paid in full and is awaiting shipment. We ship orders from our warehouse within the time frames stated in Shipping & Delivery. Please check which shipping option you selected and see this page for shipping time frames.
  • Awaiting Payment: Payment has not yet been received for your order. Once payment has been received, your order status will be changed to Awaiting Fulfillment and your order will be shipped. Please note direct bank deposits take 1-2 business days to appear in our account and PayPal eCheques can take 5-7 business days to clear.
  • Declined: Payment for your order was declined. Please click on the button to reorder.
  • Incomplete: Checkout was not completed. Please click on the button to complete your order.
2. Have you allowed enough time for delivery?
Estimated delivery times stated in Shipping & Delivery are from the date of shipment (not the date of order). Please obtain shipping date for your order (by clicking on Order Status at the top of the page) then add the estimated delivery time (in business days) for the shipping option you selected. If your parcel has not arrived after the maximum estimated delivery time, please follow the tracking instructions in the next section.

3. Have you received a delivery calling card?
All our parcels require a signature or person-to-person delivery (unless you gave Authority To Leave). If you are not home at the time of delivery, the driver will leave a calling card in your mail box or at the front door. This will have instructions to collect your parcel at the post office or to ring the courier to arrange for re-delivery. If you have received a card, please respond promptly to avoid your parcel being returned to sender. As calling cards can accidently get mixed up in junk mail, misplaced by well-meaning partners or carried off by fairies, please keep a look out for them. If you can't locate a card and your parcel has not arrived after the maximum estimated delivery time, please follow the tracking instructions in the next section.

4. Did you enter the correct shipping address?
Please double check you have typed in the correct shipping address details for your order. Postcode errors in particular can result in delivery delays or return to sender, as parcels are auto scanned and shipped to the postcode depot.

5. Did you include a special 'pre-order' item in your order?
Occasionally we have items available for special pre-order. If this is the case, full details of pre-order status and estimated shipping date are displayed on the product details page: if you have included a pre-order item with your order, your complete order will be shipped on this date. We do not do split shipments.

6. If you chose Express Delivery, is your postcode located in the express delivery zone?
Express Delivery has an estimated delivery time (after dispatch) of 1-2 business days if in express delivery zones. If your postcode is not in these zones we still dispatch your order quickly however standard delivery times will apply. Please see Shipping & Delivery for more information and to view the link for the express delivery zone postcodes.

7. Did you give Authority To Leave?
If you gave Authority To Leave your parcel if not home, please have a really good look for it. Although your instructions are given to the driver, they may not follow them exactly (particularly if instructed to leave parcel in plain sight at the front door; many prefer to hide them from view). Also check with other household members to see if they have found the parcel and placed it elsewhere.

Tracking Your Order

Tracking is designed to be used if a parcel has not arrived after the maximum estimated delivery time. Please allow an extra business day before tracking, in case of unexpected transit delays (particularly during peak periods, seasonal holiday times and public holidays).

In order to track your parcel, you will need your tracking number and the delivery carrier method used. These can be found by clicking on Order Status at the top of the page or in your shipping confirmation email.

Australia Post - Receipted Delivery, Registered Post & Express Post:
Ausrtalia Post
Parcels sent via Australia Post services such as Receipted Delivery, Registered Post and Express Post can be tracked online at Please note that Australia Post do not upload tracking information for most items until after the maximum estimated delivery time has elapsed. Please allow an extra business day in case Australia Post are slow to upload the info. If online tracking shows that:

  • Awaiting collection from (or transferred to) post office: This means no-one was home at the time of delivery and your parcel is now at the stated post office awaiting collection. A delivery calling card should have been left with this information. Please collect your parcel promptly as unclaimed parcels are automatically returned to sender after 5-7 business days and a re-delivery charge will apply.
  • Accepted at parcel facility / delivery centre: Your parcel has been scanned at this depot and will be given to delivery driver shortly.
  • Onboard with driver or Scheduled for delivery today: You'll receive your parcel shortly.
  • No events found: This usually just means Australia Post haven't uploaded the tracking information yet (not that the parcel is lost!) Please check you have allowed enough time for delivery (see step 2 above). If no tracking information has appeared by the next business day after the maximum estimated delivery time,  please call Australia Post on 13 POST (13 7678) for assistance.

Further Assistance

If it is more than one business day after the maximum estimated delivery time and you have been unable to locate your parcel using the information above, please contact us for further assistance.


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