Should I keep breastfeeding if I get sick?

In most cases yes, you should be able to continue breastfeeding during any 'ordinary' illness such as a cold, flu, fever etc. In fact, you'll be providing important antibodies to your baby through your breastmilk. If you see a doctor, please inform them that you are breastfeeding so that any medications prescribed will be compatible and safe with breastfeeding.

Viruses and bacteria cause infections, and most infections are most contagious before the mother even has any idea she is sick. By the time you have a fever (or runny nose, or diarrhoea, or cough, or rash, or vomiting etc), you have probably already passed on the infection to the baby. However, breastfeeding protects your baby against further infection so you should continue breastfeeding. If your baby does get sick, which is possible, he is likely to get less sick than if breastfeeding had stopped. But often mothers are pleasantly surprised that their babies do not get sick at all. In these cases, the baby was protected by the mother’s continuing breastfeeding.