Nursing Angel Pump Warranty PLUS

*Nursing Angel recognises that a faulty pump can jeopardise a Breastfeeding mothers milk supply and can potentially ruin the whole Breastfeeding experience if the issue is not resolved quickly.

*Warranty Claims through most retailers are either impossible or incredibly slow.

*Nursing Angel through their Pump Warranty PLUS program will make the Warranty process FAST, EFFICIENT and get a replacement Pump processed as quickly as possible.

*All Electric Breast Pumps sold by Nursing Angel have a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty. Only the original purchaser (name on Invoice) may make a warranty claim.


Please follow these steps to a speedy resolution to your issues.

  1. In the first instance please try and reset your device. See you manual for Instructions if applicable

Failing that: 
  1. Please fill out this Pump Warranty PLUS form
  2. Please send in a short video to showing your Motor not functioning properly.
  3. Post your Faulty Motor (only) Back. We shall advise the address once the Warranty claim is approved
  4. In recognition of the importance of Breastfeeding and to expedite the process we will send a replacement Motor to you prior to receiving the faulty Motor back.


        Please note, if we do not receive the faulty unit back within 7 days of sending the replacement unit we will Invoice you for the cost of the replacement.  
        ** PLEASE NOTE: Covid19 has had significantly affected the supply of some models of Breast Pump in the Australian market. Some models may not be available to be replaced immediately. In such instances we shall discuss options.