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I’ve heard about all the benefits for a baby if it’s breastfed – but are there any benefits for the mother?

Oh, my! You are right! There are so many benefits for babies who are breastfed. But, the list of benefits for mums is endless too. Here are a few benefits that stand out.

Mums who breastfeed:

  • Are at less risk for postpartum depression
  • Have less likelihood for anaemia and haemorrhage (heavy bleeding)
  • Uterus shrinks back to pre-pregnancy size faster
  • Burn extra 800 calories per day to return to pre-pregnancy weight sooner
  • Less chance of osteoporosis
  • Less likely to have breast cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer
  • Have delayed return of fertility and monthly period
  • Less work absenteeism due to illness
  • Get to have amazing bonding and relaxing time with their babies!
  • Have less doctor appointments and hospital visits
  • Don't have to heat up bottles. Breast milk is always the right temperature!
  • Save lots of money by not having to buy expensive formulas.