I have inverted nipples. Will I be able to breastfeed?

Absolutely! The baby feeds at the breast (really the areola) and not on the nipple. In many women who seem to have flat/inverted nipples, the situation seems to correct itself during the last trimester of pregnancy or when breastfeeding is initiated. Truly inverted nipples are rare. There are many types and shapes of nipples and breasts, all perfectly normal. A perceived "anomaly" and the expectation of a problem are what seem to create an obstacle to breastfeeding. In fact, worrying about the adequacy of your nipple and feeling that they are not right may zap your confidence, making you want to quit breastfeeding. However, for mothers with flatter nipples, it is possible that early feedings may require closer attention, but this is by no means a contra-indication. Talk to your lactation consultant about the issue and the possible use of nipple shields to assist or try the Avent Niplette or Pigeon Nipple Puller

My last advice is believe in yourself. You can do this! If you expect to fail, you will. And always remember you breastfeed not nipplefeed!