I am getting pressured by family to stop breastfeeding. My partner feels left out and my mother keeps telling me formula is much better for baby.

Everyone has an opinion about the "right" time to stop breastfeeding but weaning is a highly individual decision influenced by cultural norms, personal choice, health issues and family circumstances. There will be people in your life who think you've waited too long to make the transition from breast to bottle or cup and others who will question your decision to stop.

It's perfectly normal for your husband or partner to feel left out of the breastfeeding equation, and to worry that your breasts are now off-limits to him. Feelings of inadequacy may be behind his resentment; try reassuring him that this phase in your lives will not last forever and encouraging him to spend lots of time snuggling with the baby and partaking in the many other caring roles of a new parent. It can also be hard for a man to take a back seat in your relationship whilst you are so closely involved with your baby. Try to remember to make some time for him, too.

Information and communication are also critical to winning your mum's support. Talk to her about the benefits of breastfeeding. These breastfeeding days will be gone before you know it, and you'll never be able to replace the vitamins, nutrients and protection against infection that your child has missed out on, if you discontinue breastfeeding. If your mum thinks that bottle-feeding is the way to go, remind her that, in addition to being far less healthy, formula milk is expensive and takes longer to prepare!