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Benefits of Babywearing

At Nursing Angel, we’re passionate about babywearing and we hope you will be too! Babywearing – the practice of carrying your baby in a sling or carrier - is more than just a convenient way to carry your baby when you’re out and about. For help in choosing the right sling or carrier for you, please read our Guide to Choosing a Baby Carrier.

Here are just some of the benefits of babywearing for both baby and you:

A secure and calm baby
Research shows that carried babies are calmer and more settled. Babywearing allows you to easily carry baby for extended periods of time without the strain and limitations of arm carrying. Babywearing helps ease the transition from womb to world by providing a reassuring and familiar environment. The constant movement in a carrier together with the soothing sound of your heartbeat, breathing and voice simulate the world baby is used to before birth. This helps baby feel secure and minimises stress and anxiety in their new surroundings. Their natural instinct for constant close human contact is satisfied.

Less crying and better sleep
In cultures where babywearing is a normal part of life, parents don’t seem to have the constant crying and sleep battles many of us experience in the western world. Carried babies cry less, sleep better and stay asleep for longer. Just like rocking a baby to sleep, your movements lull a carried baby to sleep. Babywearing is also ideal for babies who are unsettled and require constant attention: an arsenic hour essential!

Enhanced bonding for all
Babywearing enables you to have ongoing close contact with baby, enhancing and accelerating both bonding and attachment. Many carriers also permit skin-to-skin contact when used in the privacy of your home. Other important people in baby’s life can also enjoy bonding with baby, particularly those who are nervous or unused to holding babies.

A healthier start
Research has shown that babywearing lends itself to faster weight gain, heightened motor skills, stronger muscles, and enhanced balance and coordination.

Increased learning and awareness
Carried babies are calmer, less stressed and more settled. This calmer state allows them to absorb more and learn easier. Babywearing lets them see the world from your vantage point, rather than from the ground up or from the confines of a pram. Baby is actively involved in all your interactions and activities: listening, observing and learning. Having baby close to you with easy eye contact encourages communication and ongoing dialogue about surroundings and situations.

Hands-free freedom
Sometimes it's hard to get everything done when you want to spend as much time as possible with baby. Babywearing provides a happy solution for all: your hands are free to go about your everyday life with a contented baby close to you. Move freely and easily when you’re out and about without the restrictions of a pram: baby carriers are portable and lightweight (and much easier to take out of the car); suitable for all surfaces (stairs, escalators and uneven walking terrains); grocery shopping friendly (push and fill a trolley rather than a small pram basket); and ideal for walking (your arms are free to move in a natural rhythm).

Happier baby = happier mum
A constantly crying or unsettled baby can deflate even the cheeriest of mums. This can lead to anxiety, frustration or self-doubt. If medical reasons are ruled out, the solution may be as simple as satisfying baby’s natural instinct to be held. Babywearing makes it easy to meet this need on an ongoing basis.

Easy breastfeeding in transit
Many baby carriers allow you to easily and discreetly breastfeed with baby in the carrier so hungry babies can be satisfied immediately. The movement and uprightness of a carrier also helps with digestion, acid reflux and colic.

Helping with breastfeeding problems
Babywearing can assist with some breastfeeding problems by providing the ideal conditions for success: constant easy access to the breast combined with the tempting scent of breast milk. Carry baby in a position which allows them to easily attach/latch-on when desired. Try using a carrier around the home without a top or bra for optimal skin-to-skin contact.

Portable solution for infants and toddlers
When your child is confidently walking, a pram can be unnecessary for short trips. Rather than pushing an empty pram or trying to strap down a screaming child, take a baby carrier with you in case it is needed. Look for a lightweight carrier that can fit in your bag and enables you to carry in a position suitable for infants and toddlers.

If you decide that babywearing is something you’d like to try, please click here to view our range of baby slings and carriers. For help in deciding which carrier is right for you and baby, read our Guide to Choosing a Baby Carrier.