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Nursing Angel stocks a wide range of Medically Approved Compression Garments to assist in Pregnancy and Postpartum Recovery. Birthing a child, whether naturally or through a c-section, can take a serious toll on your body. Finding the right kind of support with specialist compression garments can make all the difference in speeding up your recovery.

We stock a wide variety of brands including the ever popular 2XU, SRC, C-Panty, Mother Tucker and Solidea.

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2XU Postnatal Active Shorts - Black/Nero

Product Description For women who are seeking a shape wear style garment for postnatal recovery, we highly recommend the 2XU postnatal compression shorts. Designed by a trusted and highly sort after...
$145.00 $79.00
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SRC Recovery Shorts - Black

SRC Recovery Shorts Speed up your recovery with SRC Recovery Shorts. Recommended by health care professionals  Reduces pain and increases pelvic/back support  Regain your pre-baby body shape faster  Anatomical panels...
$189.00 $185.00
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2XU Prenatal Active Maternity Tights - Black/Nero

These tights have been specifically designed with targeted panels to provide support to the lower back and pelvic floor region, which are often subject to pregnancy strain. Graduated compression support also extends up...
$200.00 $118.00
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2XU Postnatal Active Tights - Black/Nero

The 2XU Postnatal Compression tights are suitable for those having undergone either natural or c-section deliveries and panels are strategically placed to avoid any irritation to caesarean scars. Get back to...
$200.00 $118.00
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2XU Prenatal Active Maternity Shorts - Black/Nero

For women who are seeking an all in one product which will provide light to moderate support to the lower back, hips, pelvic, and upper leg regions, we highly recommend...
$155.00 $79.00
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SRC Recovery Shorts Mini Champagne

The SRC Recovery Mini Length provide you with the support to move more freely post-delivery and make lifting, feeding, bathing and caring for your baby much easier. The difference between...


Supacore Postpartum Compression Leggings

Speed up post pregnancy recovery;If you have    Abdominal Muscle Separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM)?    C-section or perineal trauma?    Increase stability and mobilityRegistered and listed as a...


SRC Health Recovery Shorts - Champagne

SRC Recovery Shorts Speed up your recovery with SRC Recovery Shorts. Recommended by health care professionals Reduces pain and increases pelvic/back support Regain your pre-baby body shape faster Anatomical panels...

Postnatal Recovery, panties, undies

C-Panty Classic waist - mild medical compression

Start your recovery NOW.... Get 'your body back' after c-section - in style Start your recovery... feel better faster Enjoy your baby in comfort, knowing you are taking the best care of...

Maternity Belts & Support Bands

Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Wrap by Belly Bandit

As your belly grows during pregnancy, you may find it uncomfortable and difficult to move with this weight increase. Upsie Belly provides instant relief, making it easier to increase your...
$99.95 $91.95
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SRC Pregnancy Shorts - Mini Over The Bump

SRC Pregnancy Shorts OTB provide stability to the muscles of the back and pelvis. They provide gentle support and compression to your back and pelvis. The targeted compression in the...

Postnatal Recovery, panties, undies

C-Section & Recovery Undies

After delivery and once you're ready these support and recovery undies will come to you rescue with targeted compression to help reduce swelling and silver-infused fibres that can help eliminate...


Mother Tucker Shortie

If you tired of shapewear that rolls, pinches and pulls, then here is the solution! Lightweight, barely there material is like a second skin, invisible under clothes. No lumps, no...
$109.95 $94.95
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SRC Pregnancy Leggings Over The Bump

SRC PREGNANCY Leggings Over the Bump Recommended by health care professionals Reduces pain and increased pelvic/back support Anatomical panels provide consistent gentle medical grade compression Increases mobility and pelvic muscle function...

Nursing Tanks & Singlets

Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank By Belly Bandit

Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank By Belly Bandit Finally, a compression tank that supports every nursing mum's needs! Easy nursing access and a slimming, trimming compression garment. Designed in an ultra-soft...
$145.50 $129.95
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Solidea Pregnancy Shorts

Offering medical grade compression, the Solidea Pregnancy shorts are manufactured in Italy to help you get through your pregnancy. Their patented fabric is extremely breathable, offering anatomical stitching and the...
$124.95 $119.95
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