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July 24, 2015

Winter Joy                                                                                                     By Angel N

Each autumn I find myself looking forward to the cold months of winter, only to realise as they come into their own, that I’m actually a summer person and I’d rather be living on a tropical island somewhere. Today while I was wishing I was somewhere warm, I realised that I was wishing away the early weeks and months of baby boy’s life. I thought perhaps I should take a look at what was happening in our lives and try and recognise the lovely things about the cold weather.

We live in a very open plan house. There is no carpet and windows everywhere. It’s very much a part house, with open spaces that flow into garden areas. Cool and fun in summer, just cool in winter.  So here are six things that I love about the cold weather that I will now be thinking about when it’s three in the morning and baby boy wants to feed and I am freezing.

Hot cups of tea and buttery toast. I don’t feel at all guilty about pouring an herbal or sweet milky tea with a piece of thickly cut toast and real butter. In the summer, it feels excessive and indulgent, but in winter, it feels necessary. Sitting at the dining room table, nursing my cup of tea and chatting to baby boy as he burbles in the rocker, is the perfect way to stay warm after an afternoon feed.

Snuggling and cuddles. Baby boy is like a little portable heater. In summer with my daughter, we were both so hot and sweaty that snuggling became uncomfortable for both of us, but baby boy loves cuddles. He’s squishy and cuddly and we keep each other warm while bonding.

Soft woolly blankets. Getting out the warm snuggly blankets from the winter wardrobe is part of the ritual of winter for us. Baby boy has a whole lot of little soft fleecy blankets, but I have already seen him grabbing his giraffe blankiethis may be because he loves it or because big sister loves it and waves it in his face every chance she gets… just saying). There’s nothing quite as sweet as sharing a blankie with baby on the lounge.

Warm baths, heated towels. My renovation is STILL not finished. I don’t get to have a bath, but baby boy does. He loves the lavender scents of Gaia sleep time bathand splashes happily away every chance he gets. He’s not so excited about the getting undressed and dressed, but we counter that by heating his sweet little hooded towels up on the towel rack. Watching him kick around in the bath is hilarious, and makes me smile regardless of the temperature. I’m not averse to using the heated towels for myself either.

Cuddly jumpers and big thick socks. Layering up is another pleasure of cold weather. Going out into the cold and feeling the icy wind on your face, is actually quite exhilarating when you have enough warm layers to make sure your body is warm. The glamourmom long top or the Mother Tucker tank top are great for an underlayer. Top them off with long sleeve tops or dresses, tights and tracksuit pants. Big warm socks are a must!

It’s time consuming and sometimes frustrating that all the layers have to come off and then go on again when changing baby boys nappy, and sometimes I worry that he’s getting cold. I remembered after a few weeks, the joys of cute socks(we had them for my daughter). You can change nappies without taking them off keeping him warm

And finally, I love my baby monitor with a video link. With my daughter I had one that just had audio. Every little sound had me running in to see if she was ok. With the video monitor keeping an eye on baby boy, recognising if I need to go in to him, or if he’s just snuffling into the blanket, means that I can take advantage of some down time with my husband in front of the big heater and new tv.

Find something that makes you happy in the cold and embrace it.