Why Buy Maternity sleepwear?

May 27, 2016

Like maternity Bras, maternity sleepwear is especially designed to accommodate your growing baby and help make those prenatal nights more comfortable. A large pair of pyjamas are not designed to fit the unique pregnant shape, and can become a twisted uncomfortable mess that will increase restlessness and interrupt your much needed sleep.


As much as we’d like it to be otherwise, pregnant bodies don’t spring back into their former selves immediately after our babies are born. A new pair of maternity pyjamas are not going to go straight into the “never to be worn again” pile. They are a comfortable sleepwear option for maternity and those early days as your body adjusts to not carrying a baby any more.


On top of being the best option for pregnant mamas, maternity sleepwear is often the best option for those night feeds. Coupled with a nursing bra like the pullover nursing sleep bramaternity pyjamas can make a challenging first few weeks of sleepless nights a little bit easier.


And finally, maternity sleepwear looks good. It’s designed to fit a pregnant or postnatal body and it does. There are lots of gorgeous options both in colour, style and brand. The fabrics are soft and easy care, and they look and feel beautiful.


If you’re going to be spending some time in the hospital after having the baby, and some time in pyjamas once you get home (most of the new mamas I know have done a fair bit of this) you want to be in pyjamas that you can receive guests in. Everyone will want to see the new baby, and the new mama. Wear your maternity pyjamas that are comfortable, look great, and make you feel good, without having to put in a massive effort.