Wear it with style – what to look for in a baby carrier

When looking at a baby carrier, it’s very tempting to go with what’s popular, looks great, or even has great reviews. Here are a few things you should take into consideration that may not be written up on the product website. If at all possible, it’s a good idea to borrow a friends baby carrier, or go into a physical store and try one on.


First of all, think about how long you might use it. If you’re thinking long term, it’s good to look at options that have front and back carrying. Check out the durability of the fabric (this is something you CAN check on review websites), and check if it fits the people who will be carrying the backpack. It’s no good ending up with a carrier that doesn’t fit your partner. Then you end up doing all the carrying.


If you only want it for while your baby is very little, a baby sling can be a good option. They often fold down into a very small, easily storable item, and they hold baby cuddled up against you. Some of my mums group friends were even able to feed their babies on the run using a baby sling and a suitable breastfeeding top!


How easy is it to get the baby in and out when you’re by yourself. This is a really important one. I used our baby sling the most when I was by myself and I just wanted to do a quick supermarket run without having to get the pram out. If you aren’t able to get the baby in by yourself, you won’t use the baby carrier.


Keep these things in mind while you shop and you should be able to choose an option that is both stylish and practical for your family. 

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