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Time to upgrade your Medela Swing Breast Pump parts for your next baby?

I get asked so many times what parts do you need when upgrading your Medela Swing Breast Pump for your next baby.

Here is what I recommend you may need after your pump has been sitting in your cupboard for the last year of so.

Firstly, this is only my opinion, some mums and health professionals are happy to just sterilise all the parts, but I think getting all new parts just feels cleaner and fresh. Also it is hard to clean inside the tubing to a state that I am happy with. After a year of sitting on the shelf I have even seen mold inside the tubing!

Valve and Membrane – The white membrane that is the size of a 5 cent piece and the yellow horn. As both do stretch or get out of shape over time they are important parts to change. Also getting a set of extra membranes is handy as they are easy to lose down the drain when washing.

Breastshield and Connector – This is called a Medela Personalfit Breastshield kit. It comes in all sizes. The standard size that comes with your Medela Swing is 24mm. Please note the connector looks very different to the 2 component connector that comes with the pump. I can assure the connecter does work with the Medela Swing in the same capacity.

Tubing – Please make sure you get the clear tubing not the white that many ill-informed baby stores sell. The Clear tubing is the correct length for the Medela Swing Breast pump.

Bottles – I think a set of 3, 150ml bottles is essential. You can never have enough bottles and Medela have a 3 pack that is slightly cheaper that buying them individually.

Black foam – This is one part many Mums forget to replace. In the back of the Medela Swing motor where the batteries are placed there is a black piece of foam. Over time I have seen it can disintegrate or harbour bacteria. For the small cost I think this is worth replacing.

The best thing is, to replace all the parts and get 3 new bottles will cost under $75 at the Nursing Angel Store online

Lastly, flushing out the motor may be a good idea. Below is how I do it.

  1. Remove the battery cover
  2. Remove the little grey/black foam
  3. Put the tubing that is not connected to the pump into hot soapy water
  4. Turn the pump on, and hit the + sign
  5. The water will come up through the tubing and go through the motor and squirt out where the little grey sponge was sitting
  6. Repeat this process with clear water to make sure there is no soap residue left and leave the pump on for a good 20 minutes to dry out
  7. If the tubing is wet pull it off the pump and swing it above your head like a cowgirl
  8. Check the little white membrane (looks like a white 5c piece). This membrane regulates all the suction in the pump and if it has a crack or a split in it which is hard to see it will make the pump have less or no suction at all

If you have any question please call the Nursing Angel Team. They are more than happy to help. Service is our middle name!

Happy Breast Feeding!

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