Starting solids

September 21, 2016

Are you about to start solids with your baby? Here are some items that I have found handy with my daughter and son on our journey towards developing a sophisticated gourmet adult palette (or at least someone who’ll eat more than white bread and tomato sauce sandwiches).

The boon silicone pulp feeder. This handy little item is a great way to let your baby experience new tastes without having to worry about seeds, strings or lumps getting stuck in little inexperienced throats.

They’re also a great way to offer your baby a way to soothe teething gums. Just pop a fruit or veggie iceblock into the pulp feeder for a cold teething ring.

Baby will pretty soon tell you that they’re keen to get their hands dirty. Feeling the food is all part of the experience, and this can be an absolute (food everywhere) nightmare for even the easiest going of mums.

The Ezpz mini mat is a great way to help mitigate the mess. Its incorporated placemat and bowl are easy to pick up, roll up, dust off and shove into the nappy bag, making them great for home and away.

You’ll also need bibs. Once you start solids, the regular old fabric bibs just don’t cut it any more. My daughter needed a bib that had a catcher on the bottom like the wipe off bibs but my son is a whole different kettle of fish! Now that it’s a bit warmer, we have taken to stripping him down to a nappy and putting his paint shirt on. We also put a layer of plastic under his high chair after he destroyed the floorboards with spaghetti bolognaise.

If you’re heading out and about, the Cherub baby food pouches are perfect! You control the amount, and the contents of your baby’s food, with the convenience of a squeeze pack. They’re also reusable.

If you just can’t bring yourself to steam another batch of orange food, Rafferty’s garden offers a really wide selection of squeezie pouches that are perfect when you’re on the go.

Good luck on your food journey with your baby. It’ll be frustrating, messy, sometimes yuck but boy is it fun!