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I am sure we have all heard the phrase "the breast is best." The advantages of breastfeeding are well-known the world over. In Australia about 74 percent of babies start out breastfeeding.

Below is some trivia on breastfeeding you may find very interesting.


If you're breastfeeding at conception, you're more likely to have twins.

OK, the odds of getting pregnant while breastfeeding are low, but if it does happen, a study in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine reports that you're 9 times more likely to have twins than a women who isn't nursing. Go figure!

Breastfeeding is possibly more beneficial. 

Researchers at the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort looked at breastfeeding duration and academic success for 2,800 10-year-olds. They established that if they were breastfed for 6 months or longer, boys are more likely to have higher educational success. They were more skilled in math, spelling, reading, and writing.


Mothers of boys produce more milk. 

My son is hungry. The same researchers at the School of Women's and Infants' Health studied 71 mums and found that if you had a boy, you'll produce about 30 extra grams of milk than a mum who's breastfeeding a daughter.

The right breast produces more milk.

According to a 2006 study executed by researchers at the School of Women's and Infants' Health at The University of Western Australia, 76 percent of mums make more milk in their right breast, and that easily explains for the reason why the right breast tends to be larger than the left.


The skin temperature on your breast changes as you breastfeed. 

Scientists at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University concluded that after just five minutes of breastfeeding, the skin temperature of the breast is significantly higher

The breast gets considerably warmer between the first few days and the end of the 1st week.


Baby can recognize your breast milk smell. 

A group of researchers at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden found that babies can easily identify you by the smell of breast milk. The study also found that the little bumps around your nipple release a fluid that smells a lot like amniotic fluid. So after spending the nine months of their life in the fluid, they're able to instantly recognize the familiar smell, making them feel safe and comfortable.


Breastfeeding mums get more sleep. 

Doctors at the University of California at San Francisco found that if you breastfeed, you get 40 to 45 more precious minutes of sleep per night than a mother who doesn't. Even more reason to get keep breastfeeding.