So… It’s not a food baby, it’s an actual baby

Angel N is having baby, lets share some of her journey

So… It’s not a food baby, it’s an actual baby.

For the first five months of my pregnancy, I managed to “hide” it. Not through design, but just by circumstance. Things happened before we conceived, and since that have made “announcing” this amazing new little person’s development inappropriate.

Through my own careful behaviour, not going into baby or maternity sections of shops, not talking about baby and not mentioning the pregnancy on my fairly extensive facebook profile, I have actually reached seven months without being hugely impacted. For quite a while most people thought I was just eating a lot. Christmas was especially useful for this, although when I looked at myself I thought I looked like I had eaten an entire turkey all by myself. However, people see what they expect to see.

But now, people are really noticing, and my clothes, my poor old wardrobe of clothes, will just not be squeezed into any more. I realised I was going to have to do something when baby spent a whole day kicking at the tight waistband of my work pants. My bladder certainly didn’t thank me that day! Being my second pregnancy I didn’t, and don’t want to get a whole new wardrobe for just two months. By the time I’m at the end of my pregnancy, the things that I had from last time should fit and be season appropriate. I really just needed to bridge the gap from now until then. 

My two essentials for bridging the gap are;

  1. Great underwear – your body changes, a LOT! I promise you your “real” underwear is not fitting you properly. Bits that never dug in before, dig in. Bits that never hung out before, hang out. Get yourself at least four bras that are soft, with no parts that dig in or poke you. Chances are, you’ll be sleeping in it by the end of the pregnancy and trust me, you do not want to be sleeping in an underwire.

My preference is for a bra that you can continue to use to breastfeed (if you choose to) after the baby is born, and a VERY nice to have is a gorgeous (and sexy) design. I particularly like my Easy Bra by Majamas. It’s comfortable and convenient, and whilst ideal for wearing during the day it is also comfortable enough to sleep in, and I’ll still be able to use when I start breastfeeding which is a bonus.

I also have two of the Pullover Nursing Sports bras. These are SO soft and comfortable. I try (and the big emphasis is on “try”) to keep active fairly regularly, and even though my active has slowed from lumbering jog to shuffling walk, I’m really looking forward to getting back into exercise when this baby is born. These bra’s are great for now, but I’ll also be using them a lot after the birth.

Find something you love and get yourself a few. Nobody else has to see them, you just have to know you have them on.


  1. Something to close the gap on your favourite jeans/ workpants. There are a huge range of options for these, most of which you can use in different contexts. My personal preference is the belly belt combo, because I can use it for my work pants as well as the great pair of jeans I managed to find just before falling pregnant, and it matches them both, but if you don’t mind if it matches or not, the really simple TummyTie is a simple and cheap option.

You can be creative and interesting and engaged with your work, family and your life, as long as you’re comfortable. If you found yourself surprised that suddenly you have nothing to wear (just like I did), make a couple of small adjustments to your wardrobe so you aren’t thinking about clothes all the time. Spend your time thinking about how to tell your best friend in two months that you just had a baby. Maybe a Facebook announcement, “Look what I did on the weekend”?

Angel - N

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