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Smokin’ hot winter wardrobe

It’s winter, and the cold weather is here to stay. Pregnancy clothing is expensive and it’s sometimes hard to make the budget stretch to include a new wardrobe every season that you’re pregnant. So check out these tips to get you through the cold months of winter without spending a fortune.

Basic essentials – Every wardrobe, be it filled with maternity clothing or not, should have a set of basics that can be matched accessories to create a whole wardrobe. The classic pregnancy dress that fits this description is the wrap dressA wrap dress allows you to change the size of the dress while you’re pregnant, as well as post birth making it the perfect year round addition to your pregnancy and breastfeeding wardrobe.

Along with a pair of classic black pants, and some black and some neutral tops, both long and short sleeved, these items can make up the perfect base wardrobe.

Layering – when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding, your temperature can be unpredictable. Often new mothers and pregnant women run a little hotter than the rest of us. Using your base wardrobe as a starting point, layering up is a great way to get the most out of the lease amount of new purchases.

A pair of tights and a long sleeve top underneath a short sleeve summer wrap dress, can transform it from a summer essential to a winter warmer. Having a number of stretchy comfortable breastfeeding tops on hand both for before and after you have your baby, means they can be used as layers under your cooler summer wardrobe.

Online shopping – Buy your maternity dresses online. There are so many shops out there online, you can usually get a bargain much more easily than if you’re shopping in person. If you have to go out and buy a new set of clothes that are only going to be useful for you for a few months, make sure you get the best bargain you can.

Layer up, enjoy the cold weather, you’ll be wishing for it when the scorching summer heat is back.