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February 27, 2018

I remember getting ready for school and spending just that little bit too long in front of the mirror doing my hair. It made my dad crazy because I made him late for work almost every day. Looking back, I was really self-conscious in those days with very thick hair, not straight or curly, it just would never behave. I needed the time to steer it away from annoying and unruly, enough to gather together a small sceric of self-confidence. Now, 5 months post birth, my hair has got so thin I can barely put it in a pony tail.

Postpartum hair loss infographic - hair loss after pregnancy

I think that most mums would admit but be still a little loathed to say that they have, on occasion left the house in the clothes they wore the day before as well as slept in that night. They might also admit to having little stains of dribble and spew on their clothes and not really caring that much. I have heard similar stories of mums not quite smoothing out their clothes after a feed and accidentally exposing a little too much boob to people who have come to the door. This happened to me the day when a very kind construction worker who, when asked, delivered some soil free of charge to our yard and wouldn’t look me in the eye. Oh how sorry I am, Mr Innocent Construction Worker and thank you for not making me feel awkward despite the fact that you probably were.

I’m not saying I’m a mess or have ‘let myself go’ I just have priorities (like keeping a mini-human alive, you’re very welcome tiny person) and spending too long in front of the mirror like my teenage self.

One mum's post pregnancy hair loss

It’s a proud fact that a mum’s uniform is a pair of pajamas because, well, the baby comes first but now that I’ve emerged from the newborn fog (and after a shower, if I’m lucky), it’s time for a nursing top, comfy jeggings, slippers and a cosy cardy, oh and the famous ‘mum bun’. With the mum bun, you hope you fall into the “weekend festival hippy” category rather than the “zombie meets jungle jane” look with a smattering of “where did that twig come from”?

The thing that really can rock the boat for some as it has for me is around the 3 month post baby stage when hair starts falling out in big chunks, it can mess with your self confidence, big time. I had heard that this happens but I thought I had escaped it. No sir….eee….The amount that falls out on a daily basis is scary and it’s tremendously thin. I used to have a golden retriever and I’m shedding worse than she did.

I’m told it grows back & and there are some great ear warmers/head bands available that cover up the bald spots. It’s either wear something like that or stay inside for the next couple of months. You could also glam it up completely and get a stunning, sexy dress to wow your guests (or partner on a date night - yes you will get there). This one caught my eye. Getting the figure back to fit into it well that’s a different story.

I recently spent a good 20 minutes getting ready for a friend’s birthday dinner. Our little man was sleeping I got a chance to actually do something with my hair. Pre-kids, I would have got ready in half an hour and whip together a style, maybe slap on some make-up, but now, when I spend the time to do my hair or put on make-up or select a scarf that will go with my outfit, it feels vain and a terrible waste of time.

You know you’ve crossed a very odd line in your life where tidying yourself up feels like a luxury and a shower feels like going to Bali but it’s worth it if you’re feeling kind of frumpy and hair falling out is getting you down. It’s worth giving in to spending a little guilt free time getting dolled up to feel a million bucks again. Your baby thinks you're a million bucks so why not give it a go? It could blow away some of the baby blues too if that’s getting you down.

Our Angel blogger is Jen who is an Adelaide based mum of one, married to a giant human. When not on maternity leave, she works in local government so she has to be on her best behaviour most of the time. She would rather be silly around the house and make up songs to make her son laugh. She's an artist, musician, artisan cook and lover of chocolate and cheese.