Pink or Blue… Or both?

Keeping quiet on the sex of the baby is the parents’ prerogative. They may not even know what they’re having themselves. While we may wish to have all the details about a new arrival so we can go out and shop for something unbearably cute for a tiny little ballet princess or a mini football star, gender neutral baby essential options for a gift can be truly adorable, and sometimes more importantly to the new parents, practical.

Newborn baby clothes are often the option picked for a baby gift. The more practical of these, with easy access to nappies are often available in the gender neutral greys, whites, greens and yellows. Often the pink and blue options have more frills and frou frou than a new baby needs or a new mother wants.



If you’re unsure what size to get, or you really want to get something that’s for a boy or a girl, consider a gift certificate so the new parents can choose some baby clothes online. You can specify in a card what the gift certificate is for, but let them choose what they need and like.



Do you want to stand out in the crowd? The only present I remember from when my daughter was born was one that a very practical friend bought for me. It contained a whole lot of not very glamorous baby essentials that I needed every one of, and it stood out in a sea of cute little outfits.



A baby sling, dummies (something good to have on hand regardless of how you feel before baby is born), nail clippers, a digital thermometer, a baby monitor are all good ideas for a gift that you don’t need to know the sex of the baby for.



Don’t worry if baby is pink or blue. You can choose the perfect memorable, practical gift without knowing.

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