Our first book on Breastfeeding!

November 02, 2013

"After 6 years of business and over 25,000 customers.

Nursing Angel, Allie and Marty Wilson have put together a great electronic book on breastfeeding.

A must for all nursing mums. I wish I had one when I was nursing!

Many question answered in a simple, funny and easy to understand way. Created with the help of our loyal customers and the Nursing Angel Team."

Happy breastfeeding,


Here's a sneek peek!

What I wish I knew about breastfeeding

I loved breastfeeding my three boys – it was wonderful knowing that only I could nourish my babies. There was such intimacy, a unique bond, and a deep tenderness.

It has to be said the first few weeks were painful with a capital P. Cracked nipples, mastitis, thrush to name a few agonising incidents. That toe-curling, kick-the-wall, shooting pain as they latched on when you have anything wrong with the nipple is agony, pure and simple, but I realised that it’s normal for it to take time for the two of you to get to know each other. In hindsight I think all three of my boys taught me how to breastfeed. As soon as they were born they latched on like it was the most natural feeling in the world.

I would also say It was an honour to breastfeed. I was proud to be able to do it and that I pushed through the pain barrier until we were in a comfy, efficient and bonding cycle. The night feeds are extra special. You are exhausted beyond belief, but there are no interruptions, no phones ringing, just these gorgeous little self- satisfied noises as they guzzled down the milk, and the feeling of their body wrapped around mine.

I loved, loved, loved it. So please, please persevere if you want to breastfeed. Get advice and trust your instincts. You can do it!

Much love
Allie x