Nursery Decor

Decorating a baby’s room is about ensuring the comfort of parents and the child. The décor style starts with the basics like the paint on the walls and also turns to other elements like bedding, wall art and toys. The key to designing and decorating a nursery is ensuring that that family is happy with the final product.

Wall Colors
The first part of decorating a baby’s nursery is selecting a wall color that puts the baby and parents at ease. The room is a place for the baby to rest and feel safe, so it needs to have colors on the wall that help encourage the feeling.

Depending on the goal parents have for the room, the best colors are options are often colors like blues, pinks, grays, greens and purples. These color are not too much to have a jarring feeling to parents while they stimulate a baby or help calm the baby.

Art on the Walls
Art on the walls is another element of the décor. Parents who feel comfortable with stenciling or putting up mosaics can make the walls of the room a work of art. Those who are planning for the baby to grow in the room or who feel uncomfortable with personally creating art might opt for nursery wall stickers instead. The nursery wall stickers are easy to put on, add some cute designs and are easy to remove as the baby gets older.

The furniture is another element of the décor style. Parents need to choose carefully when looking for furniture so that it is safe for the baby and looks good against the colors on the wall. Furniture sets are an easy way to match the items while a mismatch style of different pieces can work for those who choose colors and materials carefully.

The bedding is another element that can help improve the look of the baby’s room. Bedding can match the images of the stickers on the walls or can have a different theme based on parent’s preferences. Baby bedding is usually minimal to ensure the baby has few health hazards, but blankets and similar items should always feel soothing to parents and children.

The nursery décor is always best to have completed before the baby arrives. The space should feel comfortable to parents so that it will be a warm, loving space for the baby.

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