Maternity and Nursing Bra Guide

August 31, 2013

Will I need a new bra during pregnancy?
Yes, for sure. Like the rest of your body, your breasts are changing as well. Becoming larger and more sensitive to the touch. Hormonal shifts, weight gain, an expanding rib cage are all common. Later in pregnancy, your mammary glands are also preparing to make milk for your new baby.

While it may be appealing to make do with the bras you have its paramount to invest in a few good bras. Your growing breasts are heavier – the developing glandular tissues can add considerable weight per breast and deserve some comfy support. We recommend bras that have no wire, can be used later for nursing and offer support and comfort at the same time. Try our Angel Comfy Bra as an example.

How do I know when it's time for a new bra?
As we say if it tight it’s not right. If you see indentations when you take off your bra where the band and straps were, your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, or your bra feels too tight, it's time to buy a new bra.

What's the difference between regular, maternity, and nursing bras?
A maternity bra is explicitly designed to comfortably support your growing breasts during pregnancy. They usually have wider straps, a soft cotton lining, and extra hooks on the bands. Maternity bras usually don't have underwire cups.

Maternity and nursing bras differ in one basic way: Nursing bras have clips or easy side access that allow easy access to the nipples for breastfeeding.

Many of our customers prefer buying maternity bras or larger sizes of their favourite pre-pregnancy bra in the beginning of their pregnancy and switching to nursing bras around the middle of the third trimester.

If you do buy nursing bras to wear during pregnancy, allow room to grow. Your breasts may go up another cup size or two after your baby arrives and your milk comes in.

How many bras will I need?
Much depends on your budget, but plan on buying at least three bras during pregnancy, and 4 while nursing. When breastfeeding leaks are common and you may find you change at least once during the day.

We also recommend a sleep nursing brato offer some support at night and easy access if your baby needs to be fed.

Other tips.
A bra extender attaches to the back of your bra to add length to the band. At under $4, a bra extender is an affordable way of getting more life out of bras bought earlier in pregnancy – or your regular pre-pregnancy bras if you're not quite ready to buy new ones.

To prevent chafing, look for soft material like a cotton or cotton and synthetic blend with no seams near the nipple or breast pads.

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