Let’s get wet

For many Australians swimming is a big part of our lives. Be it at the beach, in the pool, in a river, a lake or a billabong. It’s so much a part of the Australian culture, that new mums receive a safety in the pool dvd when they stay in hospital when their new baby is born.


If you’re outdoors when you’re swimming there are a couple of really important things to remember. The big one is sun safety. Even if you and your partner have super resilient skin that resists UV rays like a force field, your baby’s skin will be much more sensitive.


Make sure you apply lots of sunscreen and apply it often. You may want to try the sunscreen on a tiny spot on your baby’s arm before the day you go out in the sun. Many babies are quite sensitive and may need a specific brand that they won’t react to.


Insects can also be a big problem when you’re outside. Again, the sensitivity of baby makes it doubly important that you protect them against insect bites. What might be a minor irritation to an adult can be extremely uncomfortable for a baby.


Make sure you take spare baby clothes, nappies and towels. Everything will get wetter than you think it will. It’ also a good idea to have somewhere to put your baby’s wet things. This swim nappy wet bag is super cute, but you’ll probably need to supplement it with a plastic bag for towels and your own swimwear.


One really great tip that I got from our swimming instructor when my daughter was starting swimming lessons at 7 months was to use a disposable swim nappy underneath a regular swim nappy. This will save you a LOT of angst when changing your baby if they’ve had an accident in the pool. You’ll thank me when you can just take off the disposable one from underneath the regular swim nappy and throw it in the bin.


There are lots of great mums (or dads) and bubs programs you can enrol in, or just take baby off for a swim by yourself. Whatever way you decide to enjoy the water with your baby, stay safe and have fun.

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