Is Baby Brain Real?

My first attempt at typing this blog post's title was, ‘Is Baby Rain Eal’. That should be proof enough that baby brain is real.

Call it what you like but it really is a thing. It starts from pregnancy when your normal quick thinking and ability to recall the right word for the right situation flies out the window and never returns. Apparently forever.

I used to laugh at myself when I had a particularly busy week and after putting groceries away, found the flour in the bathroom and the handwash in the fridge. That was a once in 6 month occurrence but now, it's a daily thing. My husband thinks I may one day burn the house down since I left the gas on one afternoon. Thank heavens I was home. I thought I had smelled something odd but there are so many smells around my house these days I was sure it was something related to a sporty husband or a baby in the house.

That’s not the only thing that’s gone wrong lately. The other day I was delivering my husband’s birthday cake to his office. I got a rock star car park out the front. It’s my favourite carpark and I always feel like the universe is working with me when its available because it's also right in the middle of the CBD. I still needed to get a small addition to the cake decoration so I bought a parking ticket; the one where you pay via credit card and it spits out a little ticket that you then display in the window. I paid for an hour with the specific instruction (to myself) to come back in 45 mins otherwise there would be a horrible parking ticket waiting for me.

When I returned after a stroll around the city knowing I was 5 minutes early, I saw the much feared parking ticket waiting for me sticky taped to the front of my windscreen. CRAP! just what hubby needs to hear on his birthday. This cake just cost me $60 in ingredients and $51 in parking fines.

I grabbed the ticket, silently swore (in my head) and sheepishly, wandered into the office to deliver the cake and say hello to hubby’s work colleagues. All went well as I kept my mouth zipped. I then got back into the car, wracking my brain as to why this had happened. How could I have been so dumb? I could have sworn that I had given myself plenty of time to spare to avoid a ticket. I know what the city parking officers are like. They are ruthless and there is no mercy if you don’t follow instructions and they will fine you if you are 3 mins late.

But I was on time, or so I thought, getting more annoyed with the system as I drove until it dawned on me. I didn’t even pull the ticket out of the machine to display in my car window.

I’d paid for it, got hubby’s bag, unbuckled bubs in the backseat, put bubs in pram, paid for the ticket, got nappy bag attached to pram, locked up, then walked off happily, not realising that the ticket was STILL IN THE MACHINE! ARGGHGHGHGHHGHH

A $51 dollar mistake that I now can’t claim back because like I said, these parking people are sticklers for the rules. But they need a baby brain clause because its a REAL THING PEOPLE. It's REAL……

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