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International travel with a baby? Go for it!


The thought of an overseas holiday with a little one can be unbelievably daunting. But when you break it down, it can actually be the perfect time to introduce your little on to the wonders of travel. The important thing to remember is that the travel experience with a family is completely different to the travel experience without kids. It’s less likely you’ll be able to take in the nightlife, although some brave mammas do so with their little one tucked into a baby sling as they flit from place to place. Look into one or two places you would like to go and immerse yourself. Stay for a week (or a month) in the one area and fully explore what it’s like to live there.


When they’re little and before they’re running around, babies are extremely portable. They can be carried most places and if not, there are lots of very light and small prams on the market. If you’re breastfeeding they’ll be able to “eat on the run” and the gorgeous breastfeeding tops and dresses that are currently available are reminiscent of the latest travel clothes, comfortable and classy.


And finally the cost. Travel with a baby is SO much cheaper than travel with an older child. Most airlines offer a greatly reduced rate for a child under the age of two if you are prepared to have them in your lap (not such a great idea for a 20 month old, but great for a six month old). They don’t need a lot of space in your luggage for clothing, and those baby essentials like nappies and wipes are available to buy in most countries.


If you’re thinking about overseas travel I say do it, before your baby wants to have a say on your holiday destination.