Influenza: Keep you and your baby as well as you can this winter!

Influenza:  Keep you and your baby as well as you can this winter! 

From our friendly resident GP (and Nursing Angel owner)


Winter is coming and it is time to think about influenza vaccinations!


Pregnant women receive a free vaccine from the state government, available from your GP from April 20th 2015. 

Influenza vaccine is safe and RECOMMENDED in pregnancy because pregnant woman and subsequently their babies get sicker than non-pregnant people. 


Influenza vaccine is safe in breast feeding also, (although the vaccine is not free unless you are pregnant), there is no evidence that the vaccine affects breast milk, and no evidence of risk to the breastfeeding baby.


According to the National Centre for immunisation research and surveillance (NCIRS):

"Pregnant women: It is recommended that all pregnant women should be immunised against influenza as early as possible in pregnancy.  

Pregnant women are at increased risk of influenza-associated morbidity and mortality.

In addition, influenza vaccination of pregnant women has been shown to protect infants against influenza disease for the first 6 months after birth. 

The rate of adverse events after vaccinating pregnant or breastfeeding women is no different to the rate in other people. 

In addition, there is no evidence that influenza vaccine causes any harm to mother or baby when administered to a pregnant woman.”


Who should NOT be vaccinated Influenza vaccine vaccine is contraindicated in the following people: 

  • anyone who has experienced anaphylaxis (a severe form of a generalised allergic reaction) following a previous dose of any influenza vaccine. 
  • anyone who has experienced anaphylaxis following exposure to any vaccine component. "


see these great official web sites below: - fact sheets - seasonal influenza vaccine.

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