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Have you ever tried swaddling your baby and within seconds he’s already popped an arm or a leg out? Swaddling a baby can be very difficult. It takes a lot of practice to really be able to wrap your baby without him popping out.  As a mum of two I know the struggle of swaddling.  It wasn’t until I had my twins that I really perfected the “baby burrito.” In this article I will share some tips on swaddling your baby. These are the things that worked best for me when it came to wrapping babies.

Making the baby burrito

Newborns love the feel of a tight swaddle. Swaddling can give them the same kind of safe and snuggly feeling that they had while they were in mother’s warm womb. There are some basic steps to swaddling a baby.

1) Turn the blanket so that you have a diamond in front of you. Fold down about a third to a half of the top corner.

2) Place baby on the blanket with his shoulders just below the fold. (Unless your baby is really tall/long, the tip of the folded corner should be below his bottom.)

3) Tuck the right arm along the baby’s body.

4) Wrap the right corner around the baby, over the arm, and under the left side of the babe.

5) Fold the bottom corner up to the left shoulder.

6) Tuck the left arm along the body.

7) Wrap the left corner around the baby and under the right side of his body.

The right blanket

Normally you would use a thin wrap when swaddling your child. A receiving blanket is the perfect size, but there are other choices.

Today there are a lot of different types of blankets you can buy to do the swaddling for you. Check out the Miracle blanket, the Nuroo swaddler, the Aden + Anais Easy Swaddler or the Playette Deluxe Easy Swaddler.

Are you using the safest technique?

As baby grows and begins to get familiar with this world, you will want to use the right swaddling technique to soothe your baby.


Make sure the blanket isn’t too loose or too tight—baby should be able to stretch and bend her legs. If the baby can’t move her legs, or if the legs are too straight and the swaddle too tight, we risk damaging the baby’s developing hips.

Make sure the blanket ends are tucked in securely. Loose blanket corners can pose a choking risk.

Be sure that baby is lying on his back, swaddling is not safe for tummy sleeping.

Swaddling is best for newborn to two months. It should stop once a baby can roll over on his own.

Other considerations:

Arms in or arms out?

All babies are different. With my twins one of them loved to be wrapped with his arms in and the other with his arms out. In this video it will show you how to swaddle with their arms out. It’s really the same method but leaves those wiggly arms out.  Swaddling with arms out also helps baby transition from full swaddle to no swaddle. The steps for arms out swaddling are the same as for arms in, but leave the arms free of the blanket.

Is baby too warm?

Another thing you might want to put into consideration is the temperature. If it’s hot, consider wrapping them in a light blanket with just a diaper on. If it’s warm, wrap them in a thin blanket with a t-shirt or onesie on as well. And of course, if it’s cold, you can use a light blanket with a sleeper, or a thicker blanket. You should also consider your baby’s personal temperature. One of my twins seemed to run hot, and would be sweaty if I wrapped him in a thick blanket, even on a cool evening, while his brother was perfectly content.

Soothing babies with swaddling is a technique that has been around since, well, for as long as babies have been around. Perfecting the swaddle will make your life, and your baby’s life, more comfortable and less stressful.

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(This blog appears with permission courtesy of MaternityGlow where original article was posted)