March 16, 2018

Being alone with a baby and the housework can get old pretty quickly. When your existence revolves around feeding baby and wearing a baby out so they can sleep, you begin to question your sanity. Here are some ways to break up the monotony and start ENJOYING being on maternity leave or embracing being a stay at home mum. It’s okay to leave the house, it really is. It can take practice with all the baby paraphernalia but it’s worth it so keep practicing.

#1 - Join a Mothers Group

I can’t stress this enough. If it’s the right group, you’ll be able to share you best and worst times together. Guaranteed, someone will have had a worse time than you and you can all get out some stress and laugh together and remember what life was like before kids.

If you don’t like talking - join a mothers group online!I have joined one of each group because sometimes I just need to vent at 3am or share a fear…’bubs is breathing too deeply, should I call the hospital?” A mix of mothers with different aged kids can help decipher if your concern is rational or not. Talk about how you’re going, for real, not just small talk. We are in one of the most trying times of our lives so find a safe and supportive group. It is THE time to let the guard down. Some of the mostcommon concerns have simple solutions.

#2 - Learn To Love Walking

Learn to love walking (or another way if you are immobile) and explore the neighbourhood if it’s safe. Enjoy the changing landscape. Get to know where the neighbourhood dogs and landmarks are that you can point out to bubs. He/she will be able to anticipate what is coming up next when they get bigger and it will help them learn words. Say hi to your neighbours and familiarise yourself with your local playground. You will be surprised how many mums/families are also out doing the same thing. Make friends and start to recognise familiar faces. Your kids may enjoy those playgrounds and the neighbourhood kids when they are older.

#3 - Go To The Beach

There is something liberating about the ocean air for clearing away cobwebs. Some beaches also have playgrounds nearby and, of course, coffee.

#4 - Cook In Batches

Cook for several nights at once. Don’t stress about cooking gourmet meals like those you see on the fancy cooking shows. Just simple home-cooked meals that nourish and provide sustenance. Seriously, the pressure we put on ourselves for making the latest trending pomegranate and mango embalmed salmon steak on a bed of wilted organic spinach is ridiculous. If you’re skilled in this area, then that’s great for your family. Pete Evans if you’re reading this, I love your style but who has time to make their own arrowroot tortillas. Meat & three veg and the occasional pie, pasta or curry works fine to feed the family. You can ‘allergen free’ it all if need be with simple swaps.

#5 - Window Shop

Just go shopping to look at things. Window shopping just to look takes your mind off the mundanity of housework (you also can’t see it) and you don’t feel quite so alone. People may talk to you to gawk at the baby and that’s great - let them. Just practice your ‘please don’t touch my baby’ speech if you need to protect bubs from the grandpas who want to pinch their cheeks. It’s okay. You can be bold.