How Skin to Skin Contact Helps Breastfeeding

Babies have spent nine months growing inside your womb, so naturally their favourite place when they’re born is close to you. Having your baby close in a skin to skin setting is the perfect way to help establish a loving bond and help establish your breastfeeding relationship because it: lets baby feel secure and comforted, helps regulate baby’s body temperature, stimulates your baby’s instinct to feed and thus helps your body produce milk, lets you respond to your baby’s hunger cues quickly and helps regulate your baby’s breathing.

There are lots of ways to have skin to skin contact with your new baby, here are just a few:

  • With your baby in just a nappy, hold her on your chest with a blanket covering you both.
  • Carry your baby in a sling or wrap, allowing you to be hands free while still holding your little one.
  • If your baby cries, calm her by lying in a quiet room, skin to skin.
  • Let your baby lie in your arms, listening to your heartbeat as she naps.

Remember to put skin to skin as soon as possible into your birth plan, and ensure the midwives on duty know you plan to breastfeed.

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