Going green

When you’re having a baby, your mind naturally turns to the future, and what kind of life your child will have. We are responsible for how we use our resources and what decisions we make that will influence what the world looks like when our children grow up. Keeping that in mind, here are Four simple ways you can go green with your new baby.


Modern cloth nappies  – Along with baby slings, attachment parenting, and breastfeeding in public, modern cloth nappies have made the jump from one of “those hippie things” into mainstream parenting. Parents are concerned about the landfill we are producing with disposable nappies. Some parents use cloth nappies all day and night, and some just for one or the other. Either way, you’re helping to solve the pollution problem. It’s recommended that you have enough to last at least two whole days and nights, and more if you can afford them to save on washing. While initially more expensive they actually work out to be more cost effective than disposables.


Organic and sustainable options for clothing  – there are so many options to buy baby clothes online that you can pick and choose what specialty attributes they have. Many clothing brands are seeing the rise in awareness of sustainable living, and are offering organic, and ethical options on their clothing.


Recycle – most people know at least one person who has had a baby, and if you’re joining forums, mum’s groups and chat sites, it will be considerably more than one. Babies don’t destroy their clothing like toddlers do. It gets worn a few times and then is too small. Share the clothing you have around with others, and borrow it from your friends. It’s economical, and environmentally friendly, and it means you have a bit more in the bank for other baby essentials.


Organic baby food – when baby is ready to start solids, check out the organic ranges in baby food. The big companies are listening to mums and have realised that not only do we want to protect our environment for our kids, but we also want our kids to be healthy and free of harmful chemicals.


These are four really simple ways to greenify your baby experience. What else are you doing to go green with baby? 

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