Finding Help Through Your Pregnancy

June 22, 2012

Being pregnant can be an exciting and wonderful time of your life, but without support it can also be a very stressful and scary time too. The following looks at some of the ways you can find support during this important time in your life.

If you are lucky enough to have a supportive family, this can make your pregnancy significantly easier, as there will be a lot you will need help with over the nine months of pregnancy. If it was an unplanned pregnancy, it may take a little while for your family to get on board, but be patient with them and you’ll probably find everyone will get pretty excited about the coming baby and want to be able to help. Don’t forget that your mum has obviously been through this at least once herself and knows exactly what you are going through, so be sure to ask a lot of questions. Having a supportive family throughout your pregnancy can make it a truly bonding experience for all of you.

If there was ever a time you could do with some good friends, it is when you are pregnant, because even small tasks like doing the laundry, cooking dinner or going shopping can become quite an ordeal when you are carrying another little human around inside of you. Hopefully your friends will offer to help, but if they don’t, ask them for it, because often people are unsure what they can do and are just waiting for direction. Friends who have been through pregnancy themselves can be a huge source of knowledge and comfort during a woman’s first pregnancy.

Your doctor
Having a good family doctor can take a lot of the stress, worry and fear out of your pregnancy, so if you don’t have a family doctor you feel comfortable with, ask around and find someone who is known to be good with pregnancy. Your doctor should also be able to help you to find and access services throughout the community should you want or need to connect with them.

Pregnant women’s groups
There is something very special about going through your pregnancy with a group of other women, and apart from being a great way to make some new friends, you will also be able to provide a tremendous amount of support to each other as you go through one of the biggest moments in your lives. Find out if there is a pregnancy support group active in your area, because apart from getting the lowdown on the best places to buy your nursing clothes and breast pumps, many women also end up making lifelong friendships.

Churches and charities
If you don’t have much in the way of support from friends or family and can’t afford to attend support groups, your local churches and charity organisations can be real lifesavers, especially if you are in need of things like food and clothing. These groups are often also quite knowledgeable on what government programs or benefits you may be eligible for, and with a referral from them you might be able to qualify for some sort of more substantial government assistance.

Often there is more support available than you know, so when you are pregnant, make sure you ask for help wherever you can.