Elvie Kegel Trainer Review - Is It Worth the Money?

The popularity of the Kegal trainers has catapulted in recent years. Because of this increase in consumer popularity, Nursing Angel has been a proud stockist of the Elvie Trainer. So what is it about Kegal trainers that make them so popular? How do they work and are they the right product for you? In this article we will focus on all the features, technology, types of workouts and details of what makes the Elvie Trainer one of Nursing Angel’s best selling products.


So what is it and how does it work:


The Elvie Trainer is an award winning Kegal trained designed to assist women in building a stronger pelvic floor. It assists in strengthening bladder control and a faster postnatal recovery for mums. The Elvie Trainer includes fun workouts with most women seeing results in less than four weeks. It is made with medical grade silicone, has custom sizing designed to suit any woman, is 100% waterproof and of course discreetly packaged and rechargeable.


The Elvie Trainer works by delivering real time guidance to mums. The Elvie Trainer does this by providing biofeedback. A mind-body technique that is often used by health care professionals for varying types of pelvic floor rehabilitation. The Elvie Trainer also comes with an optional cover for custom sizing to ensure every woman can feel comfortable when using the product.


Why is strengthening the pelvic floor so important for postnatal mums:


There are many reasons why pelvic floor exercises are essential for postnatal mums. Not only does it support the womb, but pelvic floor exercises can reduce overall swelling, help to increase blood flow and assist in the healing following birth. For mums, it is safe to begin pelvic floor exercises straight after delivery by starting gently and slowly building within your comfort range. From here, you can progress to stronger exercises as you begin to feel more confident.


The other key reason a lot of women are using pelvic floor exercises is that by strengthening your pelvic floor, you are assisting your muscle growth to actively support your bladder and bowel. This support improves bladder and bowel control and can reduce the likelihood of accidentally leaking from your bladder or bowel which can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. It also supports your core stability with workouts at every level. With new technologies such as the Elvie Trainer, these worries are becoming a thing of the past with more great innovative products such as this.


What is the technology behind the Elvie Trainer and what makes it so good:


The Elvie Trainer is recommended by over 1000 health professionals. It has cutting edge technology which they designed and patented as a new way to measure force and motion. This unique technology can detect if you are exercising incorrectly, helping you improve your technique and work towards your goals. The Elvie Trainer comes with six unique exercises to give your pelvic floor a full workout. The workouts are fun and can be done in five minutes. There are different levels as you progress which are Training, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced to ensure that any women at any stage of her postnatal journey can join in. Simply track your workouts using the Elvie Trainer app and when need you can recharge your Elvie Trainer with USB power supply.


What do other women think of it:


The reviews across Nursing Angel speak volumes about the Elvie Trainer. Across the reviews, it is noted that people are often surprised at how soon they see results. Lots of women mention how ‘easy’ the product is to use and that they love following along the exercises across the Elvie Trainer app. What we love about these reviews is that it really amplifies how clever this product can be. Because of the real time guidance you receive through the app, as you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, a gem on the app lifts in response to the strength of the contractions giving you the ability to see what the strength is like for yourself. You can do this discreetly in your own home and have all the privacy you need.



The Elvie Trainer is available at Nursing Angel, you can view it here

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