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Recently I was fortunate enough to win a Hana Baby Wrap from Nursing Angel ( who I have made a few purchases through, and "Like" their Facebook page (

The Hana Baby Wrap is a luxurious material baby sling that allows you to carry/wear your baby, and provides exceptional head, neck and body support to your little one. One of the things that appealed to me most about this wrap is the fact that you can use it from birth up to 12.5kg's.

Like the Ergo, the Hana Baby Wrap carries your baby in an ergonomically correct way which ensures comfort and support to your little bundle of joy!

I received the wrap in the mail and immediately ripped the package open to reveal a gorgeous teal coloured wrap; the wrap comes in five different colours (Teal, Natural, Charcoal, Olive Grey & Purple) and is made of Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Elastane, so it's safe for your little one to chew on and soft on their sensitive skin.

We're lucky enough to have a Baby Bjorn and an Ergo but I am always excited to try new things, this wrap was no exception! From the minute that it arrived I hastily pulled it out of it's packaging and immediately read the instructions about how to use it. It took me a few good goes to get it comfortable enough, and then I was confident enough to try it out with my little girl in it. At the time of receiving the wrap Isla was 16 weeks and approximately 5.3kg's, she fit snugly into the wrap with plenty of freedom and movement for her to grow into it.

Initally she was a bit confused about being placed in something unfamiliar but she got used to it soon enough and particularly liked the fact that I was able to swaddle her close to me and place the wrap over her head while she slept against my chest.

The wrap needs to be tightly secured otherwise it can result in the baby hanging down a bit, and can potentially become unsafe however once you've got the hang of how to tie it up properly this isn't an issue.

I found it particularly helpful at home where I could easily wrap her up in it and hang out the washing, do the dishes, and any other household chores. Unfortunately I didn't find it as helpful as my Ergo when out and about, mainly due to the lack of storage; the ergo has a pouch which I can store my wallet, keys and phone, I really found it irritating that I still had to carry a bag with me whilst using the wrap.

The Hana wrap is easily stored in your nappy bag, pram or car and can be used to just duck into the shops, or for a day venturing out and about. I would recommend this to any mum as it's useful and creates a close bond for little babies especially.

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