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Combatting the Colds

I had thought we had escaped the winter colds this year, as the weather warms up and we start to see the sun coming out. Our family has been really well, despite getting less sleep due to new baby routines and living in a partially renovated house. However, the nasty bugs invaded our household this week, and we’ve all come down with blocked noses, sore throats and coughs.

Knowing from experience; if a cold takes hold of my daughter, it invariably evolves into a chest infection. In addition to this, with my husband’s predisposition to the appalling ‘man-flu’symptoms (that seem to affect the entire male population over the age of 12) - I knew I had to get onto treatment straight away.

Luckily, my daughter and husband are slowly getting over their viruses - getting onto it quickly has minimised the symptoms. I prefer not to use medications while I’m still feeding my son, and have managed to avoid them this time. Below are my tips for nipping nasty viruses in the bud;

  • Natural immune boosting Rainbow Light Vitamin C gummies, not only for myself, but also for my little girl and husband.
  • Home-cooked quick healthy freezer dinners.
  • Early nights and getting up to do dream feeds, rather than staying up and watching TV until feeding time comes around.

All of these options work well combined with appropriate medication, however for our baby bay he was too young to have any medicines. The most problematic part of having a cold for him has been the nights. Our house is open plan, and has floorboards and lots of windows. This is ideal during summer and entertaining, but not very practical when it comes to wintery, cold nights and keeping babies warm.

Both my baby boy and I have been waking up at around 3am in the morning, with him gasping for breath after his nose was too blocked to breathe through. He then struggles to go back to sleep, and consequently I do too.

The last couple of days, I have been using the Baby NasaKleen,Nasal Aspirator to clear him up. I like this option rather than the traditional squeeze and suck bulb option because it is much easier to control the force at which it is used. This coupled with the organic Little Innoscents Baby Vapour Rub Balm has allowed him to get through most of the night.


And finally for my peace of mind, I am SO glad I have a baby monitor with a temperature sensor. Our baby boy has been so good since the day we brought him home. I am trying very hard to keep him in his great routines but it’s very hard to do with a sick little one. I just want to cuddle him all the time. I have been doing a little bit of this, but it’s just not practical. Especially when I’m also looking after Miss 4 and a man-flu prone husband as well. The video baby monitor allows me to keep a close eye on baby boy, including his temperature, without disturbing his much needed sleep, and still be able to take care of the rest of the family.

When I write it down, it seems like a fairly intense and arduous task to look after this sick family. But every cuddle, “thank you” and smile from a rugged up loved one, big and small, makes it all worthwhile.

Besides, I’m sure they’d look after me if I was sick with a cold…