Choosing the Right Medela Breast Pump for Your Needs

We get so many calls from customers asking which Medela breast pump they should use.
It is a valid question and warrants through research to determine the pump for you and baby.
Firstly, at Nursing Angel, we love Medela breast pumps. Most of them come with a 2 year warranty and they are made in Switzerland. Not many companies will stand buy their products for 2 years.

Below is a table to help you decide which one to use.
Also please don't hesitate to call one of our trained staff if you have any questions.

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In our opinion:
With a double breast pump you usually express in half the time.
The latest research suggests dual expressing my increase milk flow.
The Medela Freestyle offers a cooler bag, extra bottles and a tote bag.
For $499 (on Special) it's a no brainer if your budget can warrant.

Speak soon, Angel

Medela Breast Pump Comparison

Our Best Sellers are:

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