Breastfeeding after C-Section

December 06, 2016

Health professionals recommend breastfeeding within the first hour after giving birth. They believe this for a few reasons:

  • It helps with the bonding of you and your baby and helps increase your confidence as a new mother.
  • Your baby gets to drink your colostrum (the first liquid you produce after birth), which provides protection against infection and disease.
  • It will help stimulate your baby’s digestion system.
  • It enhances your birthing experience for you and your new baby with closeness and skin-to-skin contact.

The above is generally recommended after nearly all birthing methods…. so what is different after caesarean section?

  • After a caesarean section your first breastfeed may occur in the operating room, while your incision is being closed. More commonly, it is in the recovery room, as soon as possible after delivery. If you do not feel comfortable or confident in these locations – then just enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your new baby and complete your first breastfeed, a short time later, when you are back in your room. Remember one of the reasons for early breastfeeding is for you to gain confidence.
  • Your baby may be affected by the anaesthetic and this may affect the feeding behaviour of your baby. Your midwife should stay with you during breastfeeding if you are on intravenous drugs to relieve pain. Your midwife should be able to let you know if your baby is feeding well.

I will add my personal experience for your information only.

For me – my first breastfeed was in the recovery room. This worked well for me and for my new baby. I felt relaxed and confident. However, my milk did not come in until 3-4 days later – as compared to 2-3 days after my previous vaginal births. However, the colostrum I produced, was enough to keep my baby happy while we waited for the milk – and she was a big 4.3kg girl.

Dont forget to use your c-panty's

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