Big Toothy Grin

Remember how last week I mentioned that the little boy had two lovely teeth that had popped up the week prior? Well this week he has completely outdone himself and three more have shown up with a fourth on the way. That’s six teeth in two weeks! I cannot imagine how painful it is for the poor little sweetie, but let me tell you right now, that I am sharing that pain in a small but very significant way.

The little boy is a biter. I imagine, I hope, it’s temporary while he’s cutting those chompers, but in the mean time he’s biting everything, and everyone. As I mentioned last week, the Jellystone chew have been a big hit. As long as his big sister hasn’t “helped” him by taking it away to wash it, we’re fine.

I also realised how lucky I am with this VERY good sleeper. He has been sleeping through the night for months, and I’ve gotten used to it. It’s very hard to suddenly be getting up every hour to sooth a little one with a sore mouth and head. I have a renewed sympathy for my poor sister, whose children did not sleep through the night till they were four!

I have been using the Brauer Baby Care Teething Relief to help with the settling. Mostly he responds very well, and I’m starting to think that when he doesn’t, he really just wants some cuddles.

The snotty nose and dribbling is driving me a bit nuts. I usually have a lot more patience for that kind of thing, and will barely notice it. But when you have had three hours sleep a night for the last five nights, it becomes very important.

The baby clothes washing was becoming absolutely ridiculous, particularly with the bad weather and constant rain. I really needed to find another solution. I know it seems kind of extreme, but the little one has been wandering around in a wonderbib. It’s also been really good when he’s eating at his high chair. He has just stopped being lazy with his chewing, and begun to feed himself finger good. As you can probably imagine, a full length covering for the arms and torso, are exactly what we needed for such a delicate operation.

The Rafferty’s Garden teething rusks are a hit. He loves the mess and the taste of the apple ones but interestingly not the banana. He also seems to take particular glee in handing over a soggy, half chewed rusk to you, offering up a very cheeky, toothy grin as he does so.

And finally, the thing you have all been thinking, I am so glad he has gotten used to the bottle and expressed milk, because there is no way that I will be feeding that little toothy monster straight from the source again. I always said that once I felt teeth, we were going to wean. I am not making any rash decisions, I’m taking time to think it through, but things are looking decidedly like he’ll be purely bottle fed from now on.

Hopefully by next week the monster’s chompers will have cut in and I’ll be able to tell you all about his first week a day care, hilarious and horrifying all at once!

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