Best Way to Sterilise your Breast Pump

June 17, 2013

Keeping the parts of your breast pump sterile is of vital importance to the safety of your baby. Following expert advice will be crucial when you need to sterilise the equipment.

There have been scientific studies conducted in laboratory conditions to evaluate the different methods of sterilizationavailable, and their varying effectiveness in protecting your baby. Sterilising tablets, which have been widely available for many years, are not recommended for cleaning baby products by many professionals. There active ingredient, which is a solution of diluted commercial hypochlorite (acid), may leave a chemical residue on the equipment that can build up over time. It is also unforgiving on your breast pump parts and can make them wear out more quickly than they otherwise would. Using chemicals is rarely a good idea when it is related to infants, and something which is involved in feeding your baby is of vital importance to his health and safety, not to mention yours too. Scientists has advanced since sterilising tablets were introduced and has proven other methods to be better solutions to chemicals. The other options available are also more environmentally-friendly, reusable and therefore cost effective too. There’s really no good reason to still be using tablets.

When sterilizing it is important to separate all component. This ensures the cleaning process will reach all areas of the breast pump kit. Any part of the equipment that either comes into contact with your breast or breast milk should be cleaned separately. This includes breastshields, valves, membranes, connectors and bottles. Rinse all separated parts in cool water first to remove traces of surface milk. Then wash and thoroughly rinse all of the separate parts in warm, soapy water. Once again, rinse all parts with clean fresh water afterwards.

If you choose to use a microwave sterilisation process then this can be effective and safe if done the right way. It is a container which will hold the component parts of your breast pump and a very small amount of water which is then placed into a microwave. Most manual breast pumps parts can be safely cleaned in this way.

It takes just eight minutes to fully sterilise all breast pump equipment using the Medela B-Well Steriliser or similar. This is a very effective, convenient and safe option. It is very easy to keep everything clean. Because Medela has a long history of experience with baby feeding products, they have developed the B-Well Steriliser with the needs of mothers in mind. It provides complete peace of mind that your baby’s health is taken care of. It can be used to fully sterilize other brands than just the Medela range, which is very convenient if you have other equipment and want a complete solution.

It’s a simple to use system that requires no real effort and can be very convenient if you’re a busy mother. It’s also quite compact so convenient if you need to travel with your baby, where you will still need to properly take care of the sanitization of the pump equipment.

You really cannot afford to take chances with either your or your baby’s health. Either using the microwave solution or the purpose-designed Sterilizer will give you the peace of mind you need that everything is properly looked after.