Avent Bottles – What Is the Difference Between PES (Advanced), PP (Natural) Bottles and Philips AVEN

December 01, 2013

What Is the Difference Between PES (Advanced), PP (Natural) Bottles and Philips AVENT PP (Classic)?

Polypropylene (PP) – Classic Bottles

  • Polypropylene appears to look milky or slightly cloudy. Using a BPA free plastic, containers made from Polypropylene are also slightly flexible.
  • Bottles made from polypropylene are milky in colour, have a softer plastic and use an adapter ring. They are known as “Classic” bottles and are typically sold in a blue/white box.
  • Polypropylene cannot maintain good contact between the teat and bottle as it is too flexible. Philips has redesigned the shape of the bottle and have included a ridged "Adapter Ring", which is fitted on the top of the bottle, to polypropylene baby bottlesin order to provide a stable and strong base needed for the Avent teats.

Important: In order to prevent leaks, one should assemble the bottle with the teat and the adapter ring in place while it is wet!

Polyethersulfone (PES) – Advanced Bottles

  • Due to the high cost of Polyethersulfone, this rigid and BPA free plastic hasn't traditionally been used in baby products. These bottles typically have a "honey" coloured or brown tint.
  • These bottles are typically known as "Advanced" bottles. They are sold in a yellow/white box.
  • These bottles are easy to clean as there is no adapter ring. However, many people have had issues keeping a strong connection between the bottle and the teat. This is likely to be caused by the bottle’s malleable properties over time. This is likely to occur through dishwasher washing.

Polypropylene (PP) – Natural Bottles
These usually known as “natural” bottles have the same properties as polypropylene as they are made of it. However, the “natural” bottles have a different design to the “classic” bottles. This design is made to follow the mother’s natural to shape to allow infants to feed from the bottle in a similar fashion to if they were feeding from their mother. It has a wide, breast-shaped nippleand unique comfort petals which encourages the infant to naturally latch on to the bottle to make bottle and breast feeding have little to no difference. The bottle also features two high performance valves that vent air into the bottle, not the baby’s tummy, in order to prevent colic. These bottles are typically sold in a purple/white box.

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