January 29, 2016

It’s nearly the end of January, and I feel like I’ve been away from the computer and the internet for a lifetime, not just a holiday season. Since I last posted we have had a first Christmas, a new year, a (very wet) camping holiday with a baby under the age of one, and a frantic panic to get ready for the first day of school (for our big girl). It has been epic, I’m nearly ready to go back to work for a little rest.

I feel like I have missed out on talking about some big milestones that occurred with our little boy over the Christmas break.

He’s on the move – within a couple of weeks he’s begun to sit up by himself, he started to crawl, and he’s pulling himself up on everything he can get his hands on and has started to cruise. His favourite thing to do is to stand up in his sleeping bag in the cot and shout at me until I wake up and unzip him. I can then go back to sleep for almost an hour while he walks himself around and around gripping onto the edge. It’s hilarious, but slightly terrifying when I think about how soon everything will have to be absolutely baby-proofed.

Given how in the last fortnight he has pulled two dining chairs, a bar stool and his high chair on top of himself whilst on the move, I have been taking him outside when the weather permits. True he eats some grass, but I figure there are less things for him to get into outside than inside. With my trusty kid friendly mozzie spray he’s been enjoying the intermittent sunshine without constant threat of being squashed by a piece of furniture.

He has teeth – at the moment he only has two, but I am sure we will have another four in the very near future. The ear pulling, the night time tantrums, the dribbling and the chewing are all huge clues. Everything is going in his mouth. Baby Clothes, fingers (ouch), hair, toys and yesterday, he tried to chew the cat. At every chance I get I am handing over our “chocolate” jellystone chew.It certainly beats the constant painful gnawing on fingers.

He has favourites – I’ve always known that our daughter is his favourite person. That was evident from the first moment they saw each other. But now he is showing a preference for toys. He is definitely a boy’s boy. He loves the blocks, the cars, the drums and the plastic tools. These were all toys we already had for our daughter, trying to go with the whole trendy non gendering toy cupboard, but both of them have naturally drifted to the traditional boys and girls toys.

There was one very sweet thing that happened over the holidays. When our boy was born, we got him a jellycat bunnyfrom his sister, and one from him to her. While their cousins were visiting from overseas this Christmas, my daughter insisted they needed to have bunnies too. I think a month of playing with the rabbits with cousins has left an impression, and he now will reach for it when he’s tired, over other toys. 

Next week our baby boy starts day-care. I feel less nervous with him than I did with my little girl, but it’s still a bit daunting to be sending him to “school” at nine months old. Still, so far he’s taken every challenge that’s been thrown at him in his stride, smiling the whole time.

This shouldn’t be any different.