A little bit of "me" time

A little bit of me time

Sometimes I think the universe is conspiring against me, and it doesn't want me to ever realise my big plans or dreams. Of course, that's usually right after I have dropped an entire tub of yogurt over my new dress that I have just put on to go to a job interview which I am running late for. Or when you book your maternity clothing leave with a couple of weeks to go only to have your obstetrician say, "hmm, looks like we'll have to induce you, how about I book you in for Monday?"

That's what happened with my daughter. I had two blissful weeks planned and was ready to nest and organise and shop and read and rest. I had two weekend days to do that, and then she was here. This time, I have booked in three lovely weeks of blissful me time, with three days a week of day-care for my daughter, and parental visits planned for house cleaning, organising, and lazy lunches with my mum.

While I haven't yet been completely lost to the universe's sense of humour, today's obstetrician visit brought news of a planned caesarean a week early, and weather that would convince you that we are living in cyclone country and the season has hit. Not the best way to start my little me-time break.

This time around, I have felt the nesting urge set in. This is something I missed out on last time with the super-fast turnaround between finding out that baby was immanent, and actually having her in my arms. I have been pottering around the house, flitting from job to job and realising that I am slightly more prepared than I thought I was.

I have already revisited my Freezer, my hospital bag and my underwear drawer. I know from experience that my mother won’t let me starve. What am I talking about? She won’t let anyone starve. But she also has a bit of a tough streak in her, and after a couple of weeks she will expect me to be back on my feet and feeding myself and everyone else.

I am a bit of a stationary addict and loved the idea of this little book that I could put all of my plans into. My brain has stayed remarkably functional this time around, I think perhaps it's something to do with having to manage my four year old, but I don't want to leave anything to chance once baby arrives.

Keeping up to date with everyone’s appointments, sporting commitments, and shopping needs will require some forward planning which I want to start now. I want to write shopping lists and menu plans that I can just pick up and run with, baby strapped to my front in my Ergobaby wrap as I push the trolley and mindlessly fill it. I want to come home with a week's worth of shopping that will convert into easy family meals.

My hospital bag is already packed and ready to go. But it's Mother's Day in a couple of weeks, and I know that I will be in hospital. I am thinking that I probably need to organise my new baby's Mother's Day present myself if I want one, and with the cold weather setting it, it's the perfect excuse to get myself another pair of luxury pyjamas. I already have the Belabumbum Dottie Tunic & Loungepant, but given how much time I plan on spending in them, I would love to have this adorable alternative as well.

My underwear drawer is in a sad state of disrepair. I have two or three pairs of knickers that I bought earlier in my pregnancy when I was buying my maternity bras but three pairs of new knickers, a functional underwear drawer does not make. The rest of my saggy old pairs of undies are at least four years old, with the last underwear spree happening just before my daughter was born.

I went ahead and ordered a big batch of fancy undies from overseas to replace the lot of them. However, I know from past experience that they won’t fit my post pregnancy body without a little bit of work and help. I have my QT Intimate high waist briefs and Belly Bound Body Shaper briefs ready to go. I'm fairly sure I'll be ordering more after baby is here. They create a great line, and they have almost magical properties of squishing everything back into place in preparation for the return of your fancy pants.

With all the nesting, planning, cleaning and worrying, I think I'll need an extra two weeks. I wonder how the obstetrician would feel about that request?

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